Empowerment Skills was founded by Bedford, NH resident (and mother of three) Stacy Norris. 

Empowerment Skills programs are taught in a light and fun atmosphere that encourages open dialogue and student participation.

Stacy Norris founded Empowerment Skills as a way to prepare children for success in the real world. “Etiquette is not about impressing people and knowing which fork to use. It is about respect for others, integrity, face to face relationships and open communication." Stacy worked in healthcare for 20 years before starting Empowerment Skills. Through her professional experience and parenting of three children, she has seen a real need for programs that encourage manners, social skills and self-confidence. 

Stacy is a recognized etiquette and social skills trainer after completing courses offered by international etiquette expert, Elena Neitlich.

When Stacy is not teaching etiquette, she can be found spending time with her family, enjoying the mountains, lakes and beaches of NH, attending sporting events, volunteering at school or teaching religious education at her church.